eASIA 2009: Exhibition

  • Exhibition : eAsia 2009

    Exhibition Instruction: 
    eASiA2009 exhibition will be open for general public free of charge and exhibition venue at BMICH accessible as follows;

    Day 1 -2nd Dec 2009 – 4pm to 9pm

    Day 2 & 3 - 3rd & 4th Dec 2009 – 10am to 9pm

    eASiA 2009 Floor Plan

    For Sponsorship/ Registration/ Exhibition, contact
    Mr Santosh Kumar Gupta
    Mobile: +91-9891192996
    Email: santosh@egovonline.net
    Tel: +91 120 2502180-85
    Fax +91 120 2500060

    eASiA 2009 Exhibitors

    eASiA 2009 will also host an exhibition featuring the best in cutting edge technology across Asia and beyond. The list of exhibitors will be made available online and will be updated regularly in the run up to the event in December. For more details on the event, log on to www.e-asia.org


    The essential details and processes to make things as easy as possible for the exhibitors & the local parties to move ahead with bringing in any exhibits and other exhibitor material required would be as follows.

    a) The contact point in Sri Lanka and contact details are given below. He will be the main contact and will in turn activate the work flow through his team mates locally and keep the Hellmann offices in the Country of origin informed as well.

    Mr. Indika Salgado
    Manager Sales & Marketing
    Hellmann Worldwide Logistics (Pvt) Ltd.
    50/25A, Sir James Peiris Mawatha
    Colombo 02
    Sri Lanka
    Tel : (0094) 11 4888883/4
    Fax : (0094) 11 4818111
    Mobile : (0094) 77 3833745
    Email : isalgado@lk.hellmann.net
    Web : www.hellmann.net

    b) The system flow to move ahead will be categorized in to two sub flows,
    1. Exhibitors with cargo who would return back to origin with the total quantum of cargo
    This segment could be handled quite easily where they would be referred to the relevant Hellmann station & the cargo movement would be handled through a special approval scheme called the “Carnet Document Approval”. Hellmann would sort the exhibitor’s needs and exhibits conveniently with the assistance of the origin Hellmann station & the clearance & re export out of Colombo would obviously be handled by the team in Sri Lanka.

    2. Exhibitors who intend to sell a part or the stock of goods which they bring along for the event
    Hellmann could handle & accommodate the above category & support the finer requirements of the clients where the following has to be in place:
    i. All the above shipments would have to be consigned to a local consignee (local Agent/Distributor)
    ii. The consignee would be required to place a bank guarantee upon the Director General of Customs (we would assist in same & the value would be as per the value of goods imported under the above category). The duty quantum’s of the sold goods within the event would be deducted from the guarantee where same has to be recovered by the consignee, from the exhibitors
    iii. We would need a full list of exhibitors who would fall under the above category
    iv. We would need an invoice & detailed packing list of each exhibitor

    c) The cost guidelines would have to be given on a case by case basis since at this point we do not have any indication of the mode/quantity/commodity etc. However, based on the time gap & the number of clients from each origin, we would try to organize a consolidated container by ocean mode & air freight consolidation for the late comers which would give them the best cost optimization

    d) Hellmann has a blanket coverage across Asia & worldwide. So the best way forward is that the shipper (Exhibitor) details and request for assistance are forwarded to Mr. Indika Salgado so that he could assign them to the appropriate contact in origin & the relevant station. For your reference, should you want to check the station availability you could follow the link http://lqp.de.hellmann.net/ & trace trough Worldwide directory >Countries & select the country of choice.

    In making sure that all equipment & merchandise is cleared & made ready on time for the even, it would be best to have the goods in Colombo one week (7 days) before the event, where the shipment deadlines would be notified as accordingly to the origins where we would operate the consolidations from. Furthermore, Hellmann would provide warehouse facilities to the inbound goods as well as outbound merchandise, which would be of convenience to the exhibitors.

    Trust that the above info would be helpful pertaining to any exhibitor queries and requests for freight clearances etc. You can contact Mr. Indika Salgado directly with your requests and requirements and he will assist you in ensuring that your exhibitor goods are taken care off.


    • In the event you would be bringing some small items to be distributed as give-aways, tokens, souvenirs or you would be carrying any promotional brochures and leaflets, please inform the organizers regarding same. Please forward a detailed description of the type of goods, estimated value, quantity being brought into the country and the purpose for bringing in same, along with the complete contact details of the exhibitor and the name of the person and passport number of the person hand carrying the goods into the country and the flight number. You may e-mail all the above information to natalie.d@lk.diethelmtravel.com or primal.f@lk.diethelmtravel.com. We will keep the Customs Authority informed regarding same, so that they can assist and facilitate the clearance of the items. Depending on the type of goods and the quantities being brought into the country, the Customs Authority will decide on any applicable customs duty payment.
    • Please note that in the event the above recommended processes are not followed and exhibitors decide to bring in their exhibits by themselves without keeping the organizers informed, ICTA/‘e-Asia 2009’ will not take any responsibility for same. The customs regulations and laws in Sri Lanka will prevail and you will be required to follow same and encounter any difficulties, delays and customs duty payments etc.


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