eGov Asia 2008

  • Written by swati
  • March 31, 2012 at 3:19 pm
  • Introduction                               Draft Agenda                               eGov Asia 2008 Report

    The progress of e-Government in Asian countries has been uneven across the region. Except for a few countries, most countries are in a very early stage of adopting e-Government. Developing countries in the region have a weak infrastructure to support the development of e-Government. They also lack an enabling legal and policy environment, as well as human capacity to design and implement e-Government applications. In this scenario, it becomes imperative for the countries that are slow to adopt e-Government, to learn from the e-Government strategies and models adopted by countries, such as Singapore and Korea that are way ahead among Asian countries, in the e-Governance ladder.

    egov Asia 2008 provides a platform for all stakeholders- policy makers, practitioners, industry leaders, academicians and architects of e-Government projects- across the Asian continent to share the achievements, challenges and lessons learned in implementing e-Governance. egov Asia 2008 is third in the series of the annual eASIA event. Along with the conference, the exhibition will be a forum to showcase best practices, innovative technologies and ICT solutions.


    • To create a common ground for equitable governance provision, which in turn will facilitate overall development of the region
    • Provide a collaborative forum to participants to share knowledge and international best practices
    • To highlight the impediments for ICT integration in Asian countries and gaps in the current approach
    • Integrating the significant and successful experiences and progress in recent years to provide a base line for further discussion with policy makers, and community practitioners

    Key Themes

    • Developing Suitable Policy Framework for e-Government
    • Web 2.0
    • Data Management
    • Security
    • Localisation
    • Standards and Interoperability
    • Emerging Technology Trends in e-Governance
    • Country Perspectives
    • e-Governance Best Practises
    • e-Inclusion and Participatory Democracy
    • e-Procurement
    • Enterprise Solutions
    • Urban Governance
    • Cyber Laws
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