eGov Asia 2008 Conference Agenda

  • DAY I  29 July 2008

    8.00 am- 9.30 am Delegates Registration and Welcome Tea/Coffee
    9.30 am- 9.35 am eINDIA2008 Inauguration of Conference· Welcome Address by Dr MP Narayanan, President, CSDMS
    9.35 am- 9.40 am Introductory Remarks

    • R Chandrashekhar, Additional Secretary, IT, Department of Information
      Technology, Ministry of Communications and Information Technology,
      Government of India Chair: Programme Advisory Board, eINDIA2008
    9.40 am- 10.30 am Plenary Address

    • Subash Pani, Secretary, Planning Commission, Government of India
    • Jainder Singh, Secretary, IT, Department of Information Technology, Ministry of
      Communications and Information Technology, Government of India
    • Michael Rawding, Vice President, Unlimited Potential Group, Microsoft
    • Praveen Vishakantaiah, President, Intel India
    10.30 am- 10.35 am Guest Address· Suresh Prabhakar Prabhu, Former Minister of Environment and Power, Member
    of Lok Sabha
    10.35 am- 10.55 am Inaugural Address

    • D Purandeswari, Minister of State for Higher Education, Ministry of Human
      Resource Development, Government of India
    10.55 am- 11.00 am Vote of Thanks

    • Dr Ravi Gupta, Executive Director, CSDMS
    11.00 am- 11.15 pm Inauguration of eINDIA 2008 Exhibition
    1.00 pm-2.00pm Networking Lunch
    2.00 pm-3.30 pm Session 1: Key Note IThe Future of  e-Governance in India: Government 2.0 and BeyondDiscussion Points:

    • · Government transformation in
      the 21st century: From citizen-
      centric to citizen-driven
      governance (from eGov to
      weGov)? What is a true   meaning of citizen centricity?
    • · Joined-up, seamless
      government: is it feasible?
    • · Emerging trends and
      technologies for public sector
      transformation (enterprise
      architecture, ERP, SOA,
      mashups, PPPs, open source,
      Web 2.0 etc)
    • · How Web 2.0 technologies can
      help transform government and
      facilitate integration,
      communication and collaboration
      within public sector
      organisations, with the private
      sector and with the citizens


    Chairperson: J Satyanarayana, CEO, National Institute of Smart GovernmentSpeakers

    • Oleg Petrov, Coordinator,
      e-Development Thematic Group,
      Global ICT Department, World Bank
    • Jaijit Bhattacharya, Country Manager,
      Sun Microsystems Ltd.
    • Dr. Basheerhamad Shadrach, Senior
      Programme Officer,, 
      International Development Research
    • Niraj Prakash, General Manager, SAP





    3.30 pm- 4 .00 pm Tea & Coffee Break  
    4.00 pm- 5.30 pm Session 2: Key Note IICitizen-centric e-Governance in India: How Close/Far are we from the Goal?Discussion Points:

    • · Current scenario of
      e-Governance implementation
      in India
    • · How close we are from the goal-
      Factors  for success
    • · How far we are from the goal-
      reasons for slow progress
    • · What more needs to be done by
      government and private sector



    Chairperson: R Chandrashekhar, Additional Secretary, Department of IT (DIT), Ministry of Communications and IT, Government of India (GoI)Speakers

    • Partha Bhattacharya, Chairman, Coal
      India Limited 
    • M Raman, Director General,
      Directorate General for Supplies&
      Disposals (DGS&D), Ministry
      of Commerce
    • Sudhir Krishna, Additional Secretary,
      Ministry of Panchayati Raj, GoI
    • Pramod Saxena, Chairman and
      Managing Director,
    6.00 pm-9.00 pmVenue: World Bank Office, Lodhi Road, New Delhi   Session 3: Global Dialogue on the Future of e-GovernmentGovernment 2.0 and Beyond: Next Generation of Government TransformationDiscussion Points:

    · What is the future of
    government? Is technology
    facilitating a movement towards
    minimalist  government?
    · What is likely to be the next
    frontier in moving from e-
    Government to i-government to
    · How will government services be
    delivered in the future? What
    technologies are likely to be most

    · What should governments do to
    leverage existing and emerging

      technologies to achieve

    · What are the major challenges in
    moving towards Government 2.0
    and beyond?


    6.00 pm-6.15 pm
    Welcome & Introductions

    6.15 pm-6.25 pm
    Opening  Remarks by
    Chandrashekhar, Additional Secretary,                              Department of IT

    6.25 pm- 7.50 pm
    Presentations by
    Randeep Sudan
    AnthonyWilliams                        Andrea DiMaio

    7.50 pm-8.40 pm
    Country Perspectives

    8.40 pm-9.00 pm
    Closing Remarks

    Keynote Address and Chair: R Chandrashekhar, Additional Secretary, DIT, Ministry of Communications and IT, GoIModerators

    • Oleg Petrov, Coordinator, e-Development
      Thematic Group, Global ICT Department, World Bank
    • Ravi Gupta, Convener, eIndia2008 and
      Executive Director, CSDMS


    • Randeep Sudan, e-Government Practice Leader, the Global ICT Department (GICT), World Bank
    • Andrea Di Maio, Vice President, Gartner Research
    • Anthony Williams, Vice President, Government 2.0, nGenera Insight

    Country Perspectives

    India: Jaijit Bhattacharya, Country Manager, Sun Microsystems Ltd.

    Ghana: Jonas Amoapim, Director, Ghana Information & Communications Technology Directorate (GICTeD)

    Rwanda: Wilson Muyenzi, Project Manager, eRWANDA Project, Rwanda Information Technology Authority

    Tanzania: David Sawe, Advisor, President’s Office




    DAY II 30 July 2008

    8 am – 9.00 am Registration and Networking Breakfast
    09.30 am -11.00 am Session 4: Web Quality – A Pre-requisite for Successfule-GovernanceDiscussion Points:

    • · Website quality assessment by
    • · Website quality and
      international scenario by GTZ
    • · Need for standardisation
    • · Technology offering solutions
      for embedded website quality
      by industry
    • · Content Standardisation
    • · Addressing citizens perspective
    • · Legal issues


    Chairperson: Dr. S.L. Sarnot, Director General, Standardisation, Testing and Quality Certification (STQC), DIT, Ministry of Communications & IT, GoISpeakers

    • Neeta Verma,
      Senior.Technical. Director,
      National Informatics
      Centre, GoI
    • U.K.Nandwani, Director, STQC
      IT Services, STQC, DIT,
      Ministry of Communications &
      IT, GoI
    • Dr Ricarda Wildemann,
      Technical Advisor, Economic
      Development through
      e-Government, GTZ
    • Vakul Sharma, Advocate
    • Ashish Mehta, Senior
      Consultant, Oracle


    11.00 am – 11.30am Tea & Coffee Break
    11.30 am-1.00 pm Session 5:  Government Data Centres: The Storehouse for InformationDiscussion Points:

    • · Progress of SDCs
      operationalistion after its
      approval by Government
    • · Operational and management
    • · Challenges being faced by
      states in implementation –
      power, cooling, storage,
      hosting, migration, security
      issues, etc.
    • · Private Sector in SDCs: Role
      and opportunities


    Chairperson: Patrick Kishore, Chief Information Security Officer, State Bank of IndiaSpeakers

    • Magdy El Hanawy, Project manager E- Government Programme, Ministry of State for Administrative Development, Government of Egypt
    • Prashant Pereira, Manager Products Hosting Services Enterprise Solutions, Sify
      Technologies Limited
    • Rajendra Dhavale, Director, -
      Technical Sales, CA India &
    • Mr. Srikant Chakrapani -
      Director, Enterprise Solutions,
      Hitachi Data Solutions India
      Pvt. Ltd.
    • Krishnan B. Nair, Manager – Business Development, Kerala State IT Mission


    1.00 pm – 2.00 pm Networking Lunch
    2.00 pm- 3.30 pm Session 6:  Panel Discussion:State Wide Area Network: Core Infrastructure for Government ServicesDiscussion Points:

    • Network performance and
      service level monitoring issues
      – the role of third party
    • Seamless  integration of
      SWAN with other e-Gov
      infrastructure SDC, CSC & last
      mile connectivity infrastructure.
    • Readiness / application
      content issues related to SWAN
    • Bandwidth related issues
    • Private sector players,
      technology stake holders of
      the SWAN: Implementation
      and operation
    • Success stories and pitfalls
    • · Managing large country wide
      e-Governance infrastructure
      programmes like SWAN,
      SDC,  e-District and issues
      related to Knowledge transfer
      and implementation of best


    Moderator: Ashish Sanyal, Senior Director, DIT, Ministry of Communications and IT, GoIPanelists

    • Y. S. Mallik, Commissioner &
      Secretary IT, Government of
    • Alok Chaturvedi, Secretary,
      IT, Government of Bihar
    • Lt. Col. H. S. Bedi, CMD,
      Tulip Telecom Ltd.
    • Tanmoy Chakrabarty, VP and
      Head, Global Government
      Industry Group of Tata
      Consultancy Services
    • Madhav Reddy, Senior
      Technical Director, NIC, GoI
    • S. K. Seth, Deputy Director
      General (Commercial), BSNL







    3.30 pm-  4 .00 pm Tea & Coffee Break
    4.00 pm- 5.30 pm Session 7: Capacity Building: Change ManagementDiscussion Points:

    • · Managing the Environment and
      Managing the Human
    • · Current initiatives for capacity
      building in e-Governance for
      government functionaries
    • · Change management issues &
      kind of people required
    • · Role of knowledge sharing
      networks and centers of
    • · Role of private sector
    Chairperson: S. R. Das, Senior Director, DIT, Ministry of Communications & IT, GoISpeakers

    • R. S. Sharma, Principal
      Secretary, IT Government of
    • N. S. Kalsi, Joint Secretary
      (Centr-States), Ministry of
      Home Affairs, GoI
    • Oleg Petrov,
      e-Development Thematic
      Group, Global ICT
      Department, World Bank
    • Pranav Roach, President,
      Hughes Networks Systems
      India Ltd
    • Dr. Ahmed Samir, Assistant to
      Minister for Country Resource
      Planning, Government of Egypt
    • Tan Sian Lip, Vice President,
      Solutions and Technology,
      CrimsonLogic Pvt. Ltd.


    5.30 pm-7.00 pm Panel Discussion

    • · eINDIA e-Leaders’ Forum
    • · Defining Initiatives taken
    • · Major Drivers for e-Governance
    • · How to create the mechanism
      for disseminating information
      about status of the projects at
      the states
    • · Streamlining information flow
    • · How to ensure regular update
      of information
    • · Challenges
    • · Future trajectory



    Chairperson: R. Chandrashekhar, Additional Secretary, DIT, Ministry of Communications and IT, GoICo-Chair: Subhas C Khuntia, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Human Resource Development, GoIPanelists

     · Prakash Kumar, Joint
    Secretary, Ministry of Earth
    Sciences, GoI

    • R. S. Sharma, Principal
      Secretary, IT, Government of
    • Michel Van der Bel, Vice
      President Public Sector,
      Microsoft International
    • Alok Chaturvedi, Secretary,
      IT  Government of Bihar
    • Shantanu Prakash, Chief
      Executive Officer, Educomp
    7.00 pm onwards Gala Dinner


    DAY III 31 July 2008

    8 am – 9.00 am Registration and Networking Breakfast
    9.30 am-11.00 am Session 8: e-Procurement in GovernmentDiscussion Points:

    • · How to gain maximum benefit
      from e-Procurement tools
      and techniques
    • · Need for reforms in
      procurement system
    • · Capacity building and
      process re-engineering issues
    • · Supplier engagement
    • · Best Practices
    • · Challenges in Implementation
    Directorate General for Supplies
    & Disposal (DGS&D), Ministry of
    Commerce, GoISpeakers

    • William Lock, Chairman, Elcom
      Inc., Scotland
    • S Sanjeev K Itagi,
      Sr. Consultant, (Procurement &
      Transformation), Capgemini
      Consulting India
    • Amit Kumar Jain, Deputy Chief
      Operating Manager/ Planning,
      Northern Railway, Indian
      Railways Traffic Services
    • V. Rajaraman, Vice-  President,  NIIT   Technologies
    • Sumeet Bhatt, Director, NexTenders


    11.00 am -11.30am Tea & Coffee break
    11.30 am-1.00 pm Session 9: IT Innovations in MunicipalitiesDiscussion Points:

    • · IT implementation strategy
      for Municipality mission mode
    • · Major projects launched
    • · GIS use for Spatial planning
      in municipalities
    • · Issues and challenges in
      implementation of IT in
    • · Recommendations
    Chairperson: Vivek Bharadwaj, Special Secretary, Department of Urban Development, Government of West BengalSpeakers

    • Sanjay Jaju, Vice Chairman and
      Managing Director,
      Infrastructure Corporation of
      Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad
    • · Chetan Vaidya, Director,
      National Institute of Urban
      Affairs, New Delhi
    • · Joe Dignan, Business
      Development Manager,
      Microsoft,  Research India
    • · Srikant Nadhamuni, Managing
      Trustee, e-Governance
      Foundation, Bangalore
    1.00 pm-2.00 pm Networking Lunch
    2.00 pm-3.30 pm Session 10: e-Governance Good Practices Discussion Points:

    • · Factors that facilitated the success of the projects
    • · Change management and other challenges
    • · How challenges have been overcome
    • · Benefits accrued for G2C and G2G transactions
    • · Lessons Learned



    Chairperson: Prakash Kumar, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Earth Sciences, GoISpeakers

    • Dr. Ajay Kumar, Secretary, IT, Kerala
    • Sanjay Aggarwal, General Manager (Operations), Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC), GoI
    • Barun Kumar Sahu, Director (Personnel), Ministry of Home Affairs, GoI
    • Lekha Kumar, Director,                (e-Governance), Department ofAdministrative Reforms and Public Grievances, Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and pensions,
    • Ankit Mittal, Consultant, Department of Information Technology, Ministry of Communications & Information Technology, GoI
    • Ajay Ahuja, IT Architect, Sun Microsystems Ltd.


    3.30 pm-4.00 pm Tea & Coffee break
    4.00 pm- 6.00 pm Valedictory and eINDIA2008 Awards

    • ·     Mani Shankar Aiyar, Minister for Panchayati Raj & DONER, Government of India 
    • ·    Suresh Prabhu, Member of Parliament
    • · R Chandrashekhar, Additional Secretary, Department of IT,
      Ministry  of Communications and IT, GoI
    • · Subhas C Khuntia, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Human Resource
      Development, GoI

    The Schedule is subject to change without notice at last minute


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