eASIA 2009: Exhibitors

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    4G identity Solutions Private Limited is a leading Identity Management Solutions provider in India. With more than 7 years of experience in Indian Identity market, we design, develop and deploy identity management solutions that are foolproof, robust and suited exactly to the client requirements. 4G provides fingerprint, facial, iris, and multi-modal biometric technologies based end to end identity Management Solutions. We serve a broad range of Identity markets including large scale Civil ID for governments, Criminal ID solutions for law enforcement agencies, Enterprise Identity Management and Access Control Solutions for medium to large scale corporates and PSUs and Border Identity Management solutions for federal governments. We are currently executing some of the Worlds largest Biometric Unique ID Deployments.

    Centre for Science, Development and Media Studies (CSDMS) is a leading Asian non-governmental institution engaged in advocacy, research and community building in e-Government, ICT for Development and knowledge management issues through capacity building and media initiatives.

    Designmate is among the pioneers in India in the development and production of 3D animation educational videos, along with other 3D related projects. Founded in 1988, Designmate provides educational software in the field of science and mathematics that helps schools, educational institutions worldwide to make learning more enjoyable using pictorial descriptions and interactive simulations.

    Schools choose Designmate for its advanced technical capabilities, sophisticated and superior data and user scalability. With more than 20 years of experience and numerable achievements along with a reputation for innovation and leadership, Designmate is the ideal choice.

    Designmate has over 150 skilled animators out of which 25 are highly qualified subject experts. Among the animators, 60% are physically challenged and get the opportunity to work equally. Among the many awards won by Designmate, some are mentioned below:

    • World Summit Award for Best e-Learning content 2007
    • Best employer Award 2007 Gujarat from Gujarat Education Minister
    • Best employer award 2006 from the president of India his Excellency Shri Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam.

    Another feather will be added to our cap on the 29th October 2008 when we receive the Worlddidac Award 2008 for best e-learning content.

    Elets technomedia is a media and events company mandated to provide effective information on different media and ICT tools and their stake in solving social problems through primere print publications, online portals and primere events like seminars, conferences and summits.


    Everonn Education Limited has been a leading presence in the Indian Education industry for over two decades and is listed on both the BSE and NSE. As India’s first education and training company to offer satellite-enabled learning, Everonn is a pioneer in facilitating education using breakthrough technologies. With its unwavering passion, Everonn has been on a constant quest to be the first to capitalize on the latest in pedagogy and technology as a tool to improve learning across the country. With dedicated teams of market and education experts, the company has been on the forefront of heralding the next advancement in learning, thus becoming a distinctive player in bringing knowledge to students across geographical and cultural borders.

    Everonn’s unrivalled reach in providing a blend of traditional and digitized content to the schools, colleges and retail segments has helped the company offer quality education to students even in the most remote parts of India. The company’s efforts has borne fruit in an extensive and well-connected network of schools, colleges, retail training centers and other educational institutions that deliver best-in-class content through both conventional as well as cutting-edge modes of learning. Everonn’s firm foothold in the web-based classes as well as the competitive exam guidance arenas has further increased its ability to help change millions of students’ lives. Everonn today reaches out to about 3 million students through 7,651 learning centres across 26 states and works with 16 State Governments of India. (30th Sep ’09). Everonn has the expertise to design ‘wired and wireless knowledge and training delivery platforms’ to meet the educational needs and the technological capabilities to stream relevant content simultaneously and seamlessly through VSAT, Broadband and the 3G Spectrum (Mobile).

    Everonn today is the largest VSAT networked education company in the world. 

    Genee World is an International organization set up with world class artists, animators and programmers. GeneeWorld in India is known as Genee Solutions India Pvt. Ltd and it provides the Genee range of products to a host of influential buyers of ICT solutions, interactive whiteboards, LCD projectors etc. Genee India’s product portfolio includes a number of flagship products including the ClassComm Interactive response system, Genee Vision visualiser range, Genee boards interactive whiteboards, Genee Slate, Genee Classcreen, the GeneeUs and CenS-Us response systems. The Company was set up to provide innovative, fun loving and exciting hardware, software and Audio Visual (A.V) equipments for classroom and presentation rooms in India.

    As a part of international company based in 5 countries, Genee India can utilise the best from each country so we don’t work with any particular technology or manufacturer. Genee India considers the best solution to a given problem and investigate the most effective delivery technology system. The solutions we offer are therefore fully interoperable and cover both software and hardware technologies.

    Information and Communication Technology Agency (ICTA) of Sri Lanka is the single apex body involved in ICT policy and direction for the nation. Wholly owned by the Government of Sri Lanka, ICTA is the implementing organization of the e-Sri Lanka Initiative. The vision of ICTA is to harness ICT as a lever for economic and social advancement by taking the dividends of ICT to every village, to every citizen, to every business and to re-engineer the way government thinks and works. ICTA’s agenda include:

    • Aggressively build the necessary connectivity infrastructure throughout the country to connect villages and towns to the world
    • Create the enabling environment including the enactment of regulatory reform together with the acceleration of enabling laws for e-government and e-commerce
    • Develop human resources at multiple levels to support national development
    • Modernize the public sector and deliver citizen services through e-government constructs
    • Promote Sri Lanka as an ICT destination renowned for producing best-of-breed in niche global markets through the use and adoption of technology
    • Bridge the digital divide with applications aimed at poverty reduction and social development


    NComputing breaks the affordability and complexity barrier that has limited the PC from being deployed everywhere. Most users only tap one to five percent of a PC’s processing power and today’s multi-core PCs are more powerful than ever. NComputing leverages this trend with small access terminals and proven software that enable a single PC to support up to 30 users at once. The access terminals are low-cost, use very little electricity, and are very easy to setup and maintain. Furthermore, the solution is compatible with standard PC applications so IT staff and end users do not require special training.

    ACTUniv, the foremost knowledge resource enterprise is committed to be a catalyst in the development of individuals through effective use of Technology. ACTUniv has been instrumental in development of high quality content, material, Multimedia training aids and Interactive digital content.

    Words Worth, the Digital English language Lab from ACTUniv Group delivers a unique methodology, content and technology for elevating competencies and enhancing performance in learners. Designed for India based on years of extensive research, Words Worth emphasise on the natural learning process with use of audio visual elements to understand the aspects of English language and its finer nuances. It provides adequate remedy to regional influences, Indianism and removal of Mother tongue influence (MTI). Words Worth employs the powerful blended learning methodology empowering both, the Student and the Teacher with digital content. ACTUniv has a tie-up with Pearson Language Assessments, Trinity College London and University of Cambridge ESOL for providing International certification.

    Words Worth is the natural choice for many prestigious colleges and schools, vocational and higher learning institutions pan India; also Government initiatives of training the masses. Words Worth is also the exclusive programme chosen by the Rajasthan Knowledge Corporation Limited, a Rajasthan Government initiative to train over 50,000 youth per year, across the state. ACTUniv is a major contributor as a training provider to the Society for Creation of Opportunity through Proficiency in English (SCOPE) an initiative of the Gujarat Government to train 1,00,000 people annually.


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