Asia Knowledge Forum on ICT in Education (Session Conceptualised by Gesci)

  • Written by swati
  • March 31, 2012 at 2:39 pm
  • The workshop on “Asia Knowledge Forum” is being convened by Global e Schools and Communities Initiative (GeSCI). GeSCI is a global partnership bringing together the governments of developing and donor countries, business communities, civil society and international organizations that believe the development of all societies is fundamentally based on human development, access to information and knowledge and innovation. GeSCI’s operations and partnerships are based on the idea of Knowledge Sharing – support that helps developing countries cultivate their own knowledge and innovation institutions and structures.

    The concept of the Asia Knowledge Forum emerges from GeSCI’s in country experiences in Africa, Latin America and India. Working in partnership with country governments, GeSCI supports the development of effective frameworks including policy and strategy formation on ICT in Education. This provides GeSCI with a unique insight into the specific challenges and solutions in using ICT for Education in developing countries.

    The Asia Knowledge Forum is proposed as a multi-country, multi-stakeholder, collaborative, knowledge sharing platform on ICTs in Education providing a neutral platform for member countries to build awareness on the effective usage of ICTs in education. It will bring together ministries of education, opinion leaders, scholars and educators from Asian countries to exchange, collaborate and become engaged in an ongoing dialogue that will ultimately lead to the development of appropriate, innovative and possibly ground-breaking policy solutions to the impediments on ICT and Education that confront policy makers.

    It is a Forum designed to assist some of the poorest Asian countries in mobilizing best practices and knowledge around issues of integrating educational technology into learning environments. The Forum will endeavor to establish national and international partnerships to ensure the success of such structures. It will also provide a mechanism for exchange and networking between member countries and to promote cross country collaboration and communication. It would also explore opportunities for synergizing knowledge through the convergence of regional experiences and knowledge sharing from across the globe.

    The Asia Knowledge Forum will have its first planning meeting alongside the eASiA2008. The purpose of the meeting is to identify the key partners and the key issues that would form the core of the forum in the future. The activities of the Forum will be based on the needs of the members.

    (Programme Schedule)
    Time Session Description
    11.30 am – 11.35 am Programme Overview: an Introduction
    Asia Knowledge Forum, programme overview by Ms. Ashish Garg, Asia Regional Coordinator, Global e-Schools & Communities Initiative (GeSCI)
    11:35 am – 11:40 am Opening address: GeSCI and its role in promoting knowledge sharing on ICT’s in Education globally
    Experiences from the Africa Knowledge Exchange by Dr. Jyrki Pulkkinen, CEO, Global e Schools & Communities Initiative (GeSCI)
    11:40 am – 11:50 am Key Note Address: The need and role of an Asia Knowledge Forum on ICT in Education – reflections from Asian perspective
    Mr. TAMBO Ichiro
    Executive Advisor to the Director General,
    Economic Infrastructure Department,
    Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)
    11:50 am – 12:30 pm Round of Introduction and sharing national strategic perspectives
    Self introduction by the participants and sharing the National Strategic perspectives of each country: key issues, gap areas & challenges pertaining to ICT and education in the member countries
    12:30 pm – 12:55 pm Expectations from the Asia Knowledge Forum – identification of work streams 
    Identification of critical issues and challenges in the region. Identification and consensus on major work streams for the Asia Knowledge Forum(Identification of the action plan from the key points identified)
    12:55 pm – 1:00 pm Way Ahead & Wrap Up
    Way ahead and wrap up by Ms. Ashish Garg/ Dr. Jyrki Pulkinnen
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