21st Century Teaching & Learning

  • Written by swati
  • March 31, 2012 at 2:31 pm
  • Digital learning Asia Conference

    (Session Coordinated by Microsoft)


    Ultimately, the success of 21st century learning comes down to the people involved – teachers, students, administrators and parents – and their ability to engage in relevant, meaningful ways of teaching, learning and assessing outcomes.

    Recognizing this, Microsoft is committed to creating innovative solutions that enable people to gain wider access to learning, engage in more natural communication and collaboration, and customize learning programs to suit their individual needs in order to deliver 21st century learning.

    This vision for 21st century learning is not a distant reality. It is already taking shape across the Asia-Pacific region where Microsoft is supporting initiatives by policy makers, departments and individual institutions who are evolving better ways for people to manage, assess and deliver education. Today’s educational institutions are creating virtual learning communities where students and staff can collaborate on laptops over a wireless network using email, instant messaging, audio and videoconferencing.

    Workshop participants will be introduced to:

    • The methods of teaching and learning interaction, the pressures and challenges faced by governments, and some of the solutions for these challenges within the Connected Education Framework
    • A Technology Implementation Showcase from “HEULAB” a dynamic, innovative education systems provider with a wide range of quality IT education in teaching & learning environment.
    21st Century Teaching and Learning
    General Introduction to the session – Azizah Ali – General Manager Public Sector Microsoft Malaysia SDN BHD
    15 mins
    Session Description
    “Power of Digitization in Learning”
    By: Lim Soon Jinn, Heulab Deputy CEO 
    Technology has over the years, becoming part and parcel of one’s lifestyle. Various learning devices and the Internet allow us to be seamlessly and always connected to one and other. The age of Digitization provides further options for learning to be out of the traditional box.Assimilating digitization to education empowers the transformation of the four walls of any classroom into a borderless environment so learning can be enhanced with information being retrieved up-to-date, collaboration being increased, and learning to take place anytime, anywhere.This presentation will demonstrate how technology – through use of authoring and collaborative solutions – stimulates independent learning to enhance students’ performance around the world.

    30 mins
    “Affordable Computing to Transform Education”
    Camille Mazo, Business Development Manager Education, UPG APAC Sriddej Khruasuwan (Pom), Training Program Manager / Technical Support –UPG, Microsoft Thailand Limited

    • Broaden “affordable computing” discussion beyond low-cost devices and within the context of key success factors (access, affordability, relevance, and partnerships)
    • Position and differentiate Microsoft within the affordable computing space:
      • Microsoft understand and support the broad spectrum of affordable computing approaches
      • With strong network of educational partners, Microsoft enable a broad range of teaching and learning approaches across all educational levels and curricula.
      • Microsoft committed to deep partnerships and strong communities that enable sustained outcomes.
      • Microsoft is an essential partner for enabling Education Leaders to successfully use information and communications technology (ICT) to transform education.
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