Connecting People

  • The objective of this theme is to find sustainable connectivity channels to ensure the benefits of a Digital Nation reach the marginalized and the disadvantaged. Innovative shared access outlets like telecentres, awareness and capacity development of local communities to access public e-services, and establishing two-way channels to promote participation of grassroots in policy discourse are key focus areas. The so-called ‘old ICTs’ such as TV and radio are being utilized the world over for capacity building of different stakeholders and disseminating vital livelihood information at the right time at the right place. The new ICTs such as community radio, mobile phone and internet are allowing more personal communication channels to deliver information as well as services.
    This theme will gather policy makers and practitioners, private sector and government organizations, civil society and academicians to share best practices in telecentre movement in different countries, technologies and regulations for ensuring last mile broadband access to the otherwise left-out citizens, strategies for including the marginalized in the decision making process. Case studies and lessons learnt from different parts of Asia will provide insight for participants to take action for their own nations. The exhibition will showcase emerging technologies and techniques to connect people and communities.
    Key conference topics:

    • Telecom infrastructure
      • National Broadband Network to connect all citizens
      • Affordable Technology trends for rural connectivity
    • TV and Radio
      • Not forgetting the old ICT: Use of TV & Radio in delivering information and services
      • Community Radio prospects in empowering rural communities
    • Value-added Service (VAS) on mobile
      • Transforming rural lives
      • Transforming urban lives
    • e-Participation
    • Telecentres/Community Access Points
      • Financial and social sustainability
      • Policy support for community access points
      • Capacity building for telecentre operators and managers
      • PPP for telencentres
      • Comparison of LGIs, NGOs, schools and post offices as telecentre hosts
    • Appropriate telecommunications regulation for developing nations
      • USO funds
      • Beauty contest versus auctioning
      • PPP for government fibre


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